• Meet Our Staff

    Welcome Parents and Students, below you can find biographies for the Ahfachkee AWARE team as well as our contact information.

Ashley Garay

  • Ashley Garay        Ashley Garay  

    Hi Parents and Students,

    My name is Ashley Garay. I am the Community Project Manager for the STOF Preschools, Pre-K and Kindergarten students. My journey with the Seminole Tribe of Florida started in 2011 where I worked with amazing families coordinating therapies for their young children. I’ve completed a master’s degree in Education as well as a master’s degree in Business Administration, focusing on management.

    I work closely with school administration at the STOF Preschools, Ahfachkee and PECS Charter School to coordinate AWARE services, collaborate on school initiatives, and implement mental-wellness school environments. I am also responsible for coordinating and providing staff trainings to school personnel on a variety of mental-wellness topics.

    I have very high hopes for Project AWARE. I believe our initiatives will greatly impact the Tribal youth by supplying them with social-emotional skills, mental wellness and building their resiliency to grow through life. My team is focused on building our young students’ toolbox for expressing and identifying their emotions, developing their coping skills, building and fostering relationships, and becoming independent individuals prepared to take on all of life’s challenges!

    Contact Information:

    Ashley Garay- ashleygaray@semtribe.com


Jheanelle Henry

  • Jheanelle Henry           Jheanelle Hnery class

    My name is Jheanelle Henry I am an Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist. I have 4 years of experience providing Developmental Therapy to children and teaching them about social emotional learning and 13 years’ experience working with children in different capacities.I am an Early Intervention Specialist with project AWARE. In my role as an Early Intervention Specialist I am responsible for creating social emotional learning activities and teaching these activities to the participants in project AWARE. I work alongside the teachers to promote a healthy classroom environment and healthy relationships with the students.

    Contact Information:

    Jheanelle Henry- jheanellehenry@semtribe.com


Manuela Thomas

  • Manuela Thomas             Manuela Thomas

    My name is Manuela Thomas and I am an Early Intervention Specialist with the AWARE Program at Ahfachkee School. My role as an Early Intervention Specialist is to increase knowledge and awareness of social emotional skills through enriching classroom activities with our preschool to kindergarten age students. Our activities range from creative arts and crafts, to stories, and sing-a-longs. We focus on identifying and defining the different emotions we all feel. In addition to positive coping skills to navigate those emotions. I hold a Master’s Degree in Public Health with specializations in Maternal and Child Health and Health Education. I have an extensive background in preventative health, family, youth, and community health, and perinatal bereavement.

    Contact Information:

    Manuela Thomas- manuelathomas@semtribe.com


Crystal-Ann England

  • Crystal-Ann England                              Crystal-Ann England

    AWARE Mental Wellness Counselor- It is my job to plan, coordinate, and execute social emotional learning lessons for our students. 

    My name is Crystal-Ann England and I am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist with extensive background in education, working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)/ special needs, bereavement and therapeutic services with school age youth for over 15 years.  
    Additionally, I provide therapeutic and bereavement services throughout the community and coordinate therapeutic networking events. I taught elementary and middle school for 8 years before graduating with my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am currently on schedule to finish my Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy in the Fall of 2020. 

    Contact Information:

    Crystal-Ann England- crystal-annengland@semtribe.com



Ashley Maurice

  •  Ashley Maurice                                 Ashley Maurice                            

    Hello parents and students my name is Ashley Maurice. I represent project aware and I am the mental wellness technician for Ahfachkee. I have my master’s in social work and an extensive background working with school age youth. My role as the mental wellness tech is to assist our mental wellness counselor, in helping students learn resiliency, as well as social and emotional skills, through weekly activities and discussions. I also serve as a liaison between Ahfachkee's administration, and staff. 

    Contact Information:

    Ashley Maurice- ashleymaurice@semtribe.com