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Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to provide an education rich in the wisdom of the Seminole heritage, combined with a challenging and creative curriculum. In a caring environment, with a strong partnership of families, Tribal community and school staff, our students will develop high expectations and the ability to achieve excellence. With strength of mind, body, and spirit, our students will be empowered to create a successful and fulfilling future. 

New Principal Memo

  • December 29, 2022

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    I am proud to be appointed as the Principal at Ahfachkee School. I have been at Ahfachkee School as the Assistant Principal since 2017.


    My team will continue to work to give our students the best education and cultural knowledge.


    It is very important that students attend school on a daily basis. Please review the Parent/Student Handbook relating to absences that will be excused. If you need another copy please contact the front office.


    We will build on a past of rich traditions while exploring new and innovative teaching strategies to foster STOF’s future leaders.


    We will be communicating using our school website, telephone callouts, emails, and Instagram. A flyer with all the contact methods will be sent along with this letter.


    Please know that I am always available to the community for suggestions on how we can best meet the needs of your child. We are bringing back our Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO).


    Meetings dates will be posted on the website, through callouts and Tribal Announcements.


    Feel free to stop by any time. My door is always open. I am grateful to serve as your Principal. If you wish to contact me please do at 863-983-6348 or on my cellphone at 863-228-5198.


    Please see the new feature on our site under Contact Us.



    Philip Baer, Principal
    Ahfachkee School

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