•                 SUMMER   Summer WARRIORS

    Hi Students and Parents!

    Welcome to Summer School Virtual Learning! On this webpage you will find information on the work that needs to be completed in USATestPrep or Edgenuity. Only students informed via phone or email will be working in Edgenuity. If you were not told to work in Edgenuity, you will only work in USATestPrep. It will be update on a weekly basis to inform you of the work assigned, expectations and due dates for each week. Additionally, we will be meeting once daily via WebEx to help you with your assignments and any questions you may have. Your work will be graded at the end of each week.

    If you have any questions or concerns, I am available via email at TimothyPruitt@semtribe.com.


    Mr. Tim

    Contact Information:

    Email: TimothyPruitt@semtribe.com