Ahfachkee School

  • Our mission is to provide an education rich in the wisdom of the Seminole heritage, combined with a challenging and creative curriculum. In a caring environment, with a strong partnership of families, Tribal community and school staff, our students will develop high expectations and the ability to achieve excellence. With strength of mind, body, and spirit, our students will be empowered to create a successful and fulfilling  future. 

    Community members founded Ahfachkee School before the 1940’s as Big Cypress Day School. In the 1940’s the name of the school was changed to Ahfachkee Day School representing an on-going goal for the students who attend there. Ahfachkee means ‘happy’ in the Eláponke language. After building changes and the addition of upper grades, Ahfachkee School now serves students and families from the Seminole Tribe and the Big Cypress Community with an academically oriented Pre-Kindergarten for four year olds through all grades of high school. In addition to the core curriculum of reading, math, language, science, and social studies, a dominant emphasis is placed on teaching and integrating the Seminole cultural heritage and the Eláponke language throughout the student’s years here at Ahfachkee. All students who attend Ahfachkee School regularly participate in programs both in specially designed culture and language courses as well as their regular classroom to enhance their knowledge about and pride in their culture, heritage, and language. In the early 1990’s, upon the direction of the Seminole Tribal Council, Ahfachkee School gained Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS) accreditation making it one of the few BIA or Hendry County schools, which has achieved the recognition.