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  • Chip

  • Greeting students and parents my name is Mr. Chip Osborn and I am the guidance counselor for the Ahfachkee School. This is my first year at the school and I am very excited to be here! My role as the guidance counselor is to provide the resources, tools and assistance students may need to be successful in school. This can include support with academics, personal, social or emotional needs and career/college awareness.

    Our guidance program will be aligned to the American School Counselor Association ASCA student standards including mindsets and behaviors for student success. These standards describe the knowledge, attributes and skills students need to achieve academic success, college and career readiness and social emotional development.
    We will use the standards to assess our student’s growth and development, create culturally sustaining strategies and activities and build a program that helps students achieve their highest potential. To operationalize the standards, we will select measurable learning objectives that align with specific mindsets or behaviors, which become the foundation for our classroom guidance instruction, advisement and counseling activities, while addressing our student’s developmental needs.


    Transitioning Back To In-person Learning

    The outbreak of the Coronavirus disease and the subsequent change from in-person to virtual learning had a very negative effect on student learning. Research has shown that there was an academic “slide” or loss of learning particularly in mathematics across all grade levels throughout the United States.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics released Covid-19 guidance for schools during the summer, that supports in-person learning and recommended universal masking in school of everyone over the age of 2, regardless of vaccination status.  The AAP believes that, with what they know about low rates of in-school transmission together with the availability of effective vaccines for those age 12 years and up, that the benefits of in-person school outweigh the risks in all circumstances.

    It was therefore vitally important for students to return to school for face to face instruction. The benefits of in-person learning, socialization and teacher interaction and engagement will immediately set students on a course for success and recovery from any lost learning.

    In addition to reconnecting with old friends, remember that building new relationships is a skill, and with support, children can be resilient. Even if it’s hard to separate from their extended time at home, they will gain a new trusted relationship with their new teacher(s) and feel more secure with their peers.

    Parents should make sure their child has a daily, predictable routine, with regular times for healthy meals, naps, and night sleep at home. Having a rested body and knowing what to expect at home helps children cope.  Also during our hybrid instructional model, when students are at home learning, they should simulate as closely as possible to a classroom setting, including dressed in outside attire, sitting up at a table or counter top, camera on all of the time and paying attention to the teacher as though he/she was in a physical classroom.

    Parents, thank you for your continued support of our school. Let’s have a great year together!



    Email:  Haroldosborn@semtribe.com

    Office phone: 863-983-6348 ext: 12909