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I Ready

  • Ahfachkee uses i-Ready in two ways:

    1.) i-Ready is a 'benchmark' assessment in reading and math for KG - 12th grades. It is given 3 times a year: beginning, middle and end. Information from these benchmark assessments provides teachers with detailed information about what students already know and what they need to learn next.

    2.) Results from the benchmark assessments automatically create an individualized learning pathway for students in KG - 8th grade.


    What does i-Ready mean for parents?

    • Parents can expect to receive notice before students take their benchmark assessments 3 times each year. Encouraging students to do their best, get to sleep early and eat a good breakfast before testing days is very helpful.
    • Parents will receive diagnostic results for their children's i-Ready assessments 3 times a year. After the first benchmark, the report will include growth reports. This report can be very helpful if you have secured tutoring for your child.
    • Parents can help their child improve or enhance skills by encouraging their child to work on their learning pathway at home. i-Ready research recommends 15 minutes daily.

What is I Ready

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